Ordering Information

Customer Service email is:

When placing an order you will have an option at check out to leave notes for special request. There are several things you may request for your order that aren’t individual options to choose on the site below is a list of things you may request.

  1. Thick Nylon: We use a thin nylon for bows on nylon but if you prefer thick nylon you can leave a note saying so.

  2. Mini Head Wraps: The head band on our wraps is 6” wide but if you would like a smaller head band you can request a mini wrap which is 4” wide.

  3. Small and Mini Top Knots: If you would like a smaller knot when ordering top knots you may request this in the notes, small knots about half the size of the regular knots. Mini Top Knots are also available upon request, mini top knots head bands are 4” wide.

  4. Piggies: If you love the style of piggies but your little one doesn’t have hair for the clips, you can request them to be put on nylon. Piggies come in a set of 2. 

  5. Out of Stock: If something is out of stock, for instance; you want a Black Big Bow on Nude Nylon but that option is not available but a Black Big Bow on Clip is available. You can put a note at checkout stating your preference. If a top knot is available but you need a wrap you can request this too, but not the other way around. This is for clothes as well, if the size you need is unavailable you may choose a size that is available and leave a note with the size you need.



Top Knots and Head Wraps

Wraps are one continuos piece of fabric tied into a bow.

Knots are one continuos piece of fabric tied in a spiral and glued.

Preemie 11”--Headband 4" Wide

Newborn 13”--Headband 5" Wide

Baby 15”--Headband 6" Wide

Toddler 17”--Headband 6" Wide

Mommy19”--Headband 6" Wide

Mini Wraps are all 4" Wide

 If you are unsure of sizing, we suggest measuring your child's head to ensure a better fit. 

Bows on Nylon

Bows on nylon are one size fits all.

Bows on Clip

Each bow size has a different size clip. We use alligator clips with teeth.The teeth are on the bottom, meaning the smooth side is fed through the hair.  


Big Bow- Approximately 6” Wide

Small Bow- Approximately 4.5” wide

Mini Bows- Approximately 3.5” wide

Micro Bows-Approximately 2.5” wide

Mini Bows and Piggies are the same size

Micro Bows and Micro Piggies are the same size


All bows are hand tied, have raw edges and are not sewn unless stated otherwise. 

Clips, Top Knots, and Velvet Head Wraps are glued.

Everything else can be retied if needed. 

All sales are final. 

Never leave a child unattended in our bows or clothes. Our Bows and Clothes are not meant to be slept in, or worn without adult supervision.